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Anti-siphon discharge loop

The previous discharge hose was unfortunately not long enough to prevent flow back from the holding tank, when the boat was healing. The problem had to be fixed before the season for obvious reasons :) So I installed a longer discharge hose with a vented valve.
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New bottom paint, boat launch and a new anchor

The antifouling free eco bottom paint was not a success unfortunately so for the next season we decided to remove all growth, lightly sand it and apply two coats of Trilux Hard Antifouling. Luckily we had a week or two of warmer weather this spring, the temperature was well over 5 degrees, so we could do the job before the launch without the need of more tarps or heaters. We were in the first round for the boat launch this year. Scarlett is already in the water again!  We also got a new 10 Kg Delta type anchor on the bow sprit roller. For now I decided not to install an anchor winch, that might be a project for later.

New bowsprit installed

Last weekend we finally installed our new bowsprit. It's the MultiMarine / Ocean Comfort model with an anchor roller, made from 32mm AISI316 stainless steel and teak and measures 115x52cm. The reason we choose this particular type is that we wanted a bowsprit to be able to carry our new Delta anchor (after we finish the anchor windlass installation) and provide an attachment for the tack of a gennaker a bit further ahead of the bow. Some added benefits are that it's possible to add a ladder to it to help with onboarding from rocky shores and sit out there and enjoy the ride when the weather is nice.  The other alternative on the market would have been a similar model from Båtsystem, which is a bit more sturdy but costs more than double. The installation wasn't particularly tricky, although there we absolutely no instructions in the box and unfortunately the kit was lacking some nuts and backing plates so we had to run to a hardware store to get them. We used cargo belts fro

New fuel and water caps

The plastic deck caps for the diesel and water fillers were looking pretty ugly due to UV damage and it was also time to replace the rubber gasket. Fortunately I was able to find the exact same type of cap with a bayonet lock and the seal  at a Force 4 Chandlery from the UK.  

New sails and lazy bag

Before summer our new sails from Lundh Sails have arrived.  We ordered a new full-batten mainsail (M3) with 3 reef points and Seldén's low friction carts and a furling jib (FJ2), both from Vectran reinforced Dacron crosscut panel which supposed to keep it's form longer and have a longer overall lifespan. We also got a new lazy bag for the new main as the old one was falling apart.  The new sails were already tested and performing very well. It's sooo nice!

Gobius Pro tank sensor

Before sailing out on our vacation, we installed a Gobius Pro tank level sensor on the waste tank. We're four on board, so the head gets used a lot and we wanted to know when is it time to empty the tank, to avoid overfilling it.  The Gobius Pro sensor was an obvious choice due to the ease of installation as it measures from the outside of the tank. The base kit includes a small panel with green and red feedback lights (shaped like a fish) for which we found a perfect location in the head over an old hole drilled by the previous owner. The installation was straight forward as both the sensor and and panel is attached with self-adhesive and the cabling part consists only of connecting the sensor to the panel and to the power. The Gobius Pro has bluetooth capability built in, so the feedback and the settings like how often to measure or when to alert (fluid level is below or above the sensor) can be changed from the Gobius app.

S/Y Scarlett

Should we give her a new name? We were discussing this and looking for a better name for almost a year. When the transom and red-stripe renovation was close to be finished we were pressed to make a decision on what sticker to order. We're after a feminine name that's easy to pronounce, has a good sounding and some more meaning for us. There were several contestants, so the family had to vote. Our choice was inspired by the character of Katie Scarlett O'Hara from the book/movie Gone with the Wind . We can relate to the character and name because Katie is my wife's first name, however we thought that  Scarlett is the perfect fit. Scarlett rhymes with the first three letters of Scanmar, is associated with red that symbolizes courage, passion, force, joy and heat and which is often considered the color of Scanmar boats. We're not superstitious but we took the name change somewhat seriously and followed the customs on the ceremony of the name change because we like the t