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Moving the batteries - plan

The house battery bank was quite old and placed in the bilge, which we didn't like. I started by removing the old batteries from the bilge and cleaning the area. There is still some work to do, like removing the plywood to reveal the keel bolts. Unfortunately the structural members were also cut out to be able to fit the batteries there, so we're planning to reinforce them later this year. The previous owner left two “new” batteries that he didn't install. It's a Euroglobe EG200-12 AGM (12V 208AH), 416AH in total, with dimensions of 52 x 24 x 22cm and 63Kg each. As they're larger than the old ones, they wouldn't fit to the bilge even if we would want to. So we need to find a good place for them. There are three locations that can be considered: 1. Engine room. The starter battery is also there (need to be replaced too). The starter battery would stay in its current location behind the wheel/rudder pole and we would build a shelf above (behind the die