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Launching the boat

The big day has come and we spashed the boat. It’s in the water for two days now, so far so good, no leaks! We still need to do some internal plumbing to change some of the old hoses and get the right size hose clamps, but the boat is dry, hurray!

Finishing the seacock replacement

Last weekend we installed the ball-valves and hose tails on the skin fittings and tried to arrange everything to it's final form. If I would have to do it again, I would try to get hold of Loctite 572 instead (not easy to find around here) as 577 cures too fast, you barely have enough time to play with the fitting and find the right position. We've put on plenty of sealant on the treads and used up almost all the 50ml for this job (6 seacocks). The most difficult part was to put together the toilet discharge assembly, due to the fast curing thread sealant, the limited space and that in the last minutes I started hesitating if this is the best arrangement. I considered connecting the discharge hose to the top of the tank instead and skip the whole T piece, leaving just a straight discharge hose from the Y-valve at the bottom of the tank to the thru-hull (with only one ball valve). With this setup, there would be no direct discharge to the sea from the toilet, only thr

New line cutter

We changed the old and badly corroded line cutter on the prop to a shiny new one which we found and ordered on eBay with the part number 851984. The line cutter should go on the shaft facing "inwards". The label f on the picture: And as we disassembled the propeller, we also changed the anode and the anode screws and greased the shaft.