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Refreshing the propane system

We got a new propane tank and changed the regulator, leak finder, main shutoff switch and the hoses in the anchor locker. Later we might relocate the tank to the other side of the locker and add some more protection around it to be able to install a windlass. But the next step of this project will be to replace the hoses behind the propane stove.

New plumbing and water heater

We had an old "water heater" that came with the Gastherm heating system, which had no electric heating element inside, so it was more of a warm water storage where the water was heated by either the engine or the propane convector. Unfortunately it got frost damage earlier as one of the previous owners probably forgot to winterize it. It was time to get a new one. We chose the Isotemp SPA 15 which is a perfect fit to the same place where the old unit was, in the engine room. It also has an electric heating element, so the water can be heated from shore power too. When we started the plumbing job we realized that this might be a good opportunity to replace all the old water hoses and taps. The old system was built on PEX tubes with metal fittings, that all corroded and the pipes were not even colored, hot water was blue too. The old taps were regular household taps and quite rusty already. So as usual, it became a larger project than we first anticipated. We c