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Saildrive maintenance

While waiting for the weather to warm up we decided to give the saildrive some care. The bottom leg had paint flaking off so it was time for a new paint. I used Interstrip to remove all the top layers of paint, then sanded the whole thing down to a smooth finish, exposing bare aluminium at many spots. Then I cleaned it with SuperCleaner followed by vinegar to provide some acid to the surface and act against corrosion. Rinsed it off with warm water, let it dry, then started applying International's Interprotect two part epoxy paint shortly. It got 5 layers of epoxy paint, then 3 coats of Trilux antifouling. I tried to protect the internals of the drive during the whole process, so I taped down all the holes and covered all openings. After the paint job was done, I used a can of air duster to blow out any dust residues. After interstrip paint remover and scraping  After sanding  Three layers Interprotect is on  Ready to be reinstalled The adjusting ring was also