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Saildrive diaphragm and valve change

While the saildrive was out we took the opportunity to replace the original shitty plastic seawater intake valve on it. Removing the old valve was easier than expected, it just took a large enough adjustable wrench to break it loose and unscrew. We installed a new DZR/CR brass ball valve with Loctite 577 in it's place. Saildrive reassembly went according to the manual. The only change we made is that we added a thin layer of Loctite MR5922 (which is basically the same as Permatex) to the old aluminum surfaces to get a better internal seal, carefully making sure it doesn't get on the rubber diaphragm which has to be a dry-seal. We tightened the screws with a torque wrench to the specified values and replaced the wire lock. Then reinstalled the prop-shaft seal and the anode, which we tested with a multi-meter to see if it has a proper connection. The saildrive-bed was cleaned and painted with Interprotect. The top part where the seal connects was cleaned with ac

Scanmar rigging wire sizes

I think it was shared in one of Scanmar facebook groups, but I think it's still useful to post it for an easier find. The rigging on the SC33 and SC35 is mostly the same size.