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New VHF antenna and masthead clutter cleanup

While the mast was off we replaced the VHF cable and installed a new VHF antenna as well. The old antenna was located on a long and ugly side console which also gave place to a TV antenna, which was now removed. We preferred to reduce the weight and clutter on the masttop and remove the things we know we don't need. 

Fortunately our Isomat mast has cable conduits, so pulling in-out new cables is quite easy. There is also one extra unused double line wire already installed, in case there is need for it. While pulling out the old VHF cable we pulled in the new one and we did the same with the old wind transducer cable and the new gWind cable.

We replaced the masttop navigation and anchor light connection with a 4 pin water proof connector and installed the new Garmin gWind transducer holding bracket.

We installed the new VHF antenna on a bracket on the side of the mast. Ideally the cable would pass through a hole drilled within the holding bracket, but there was already a hole on that side of the mast and we decided to reuse that. We sealed the RF connector with a heat shrink and a self vulcanizing rubber tape. Also added some rubber tape to the cable where it exits the mast to prevent chafing (after taking the picture).