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Cockpit varnish refresh and cup holders - Part 1

We decided to give the wood in the cockpit some love. The companionway hatch, mahagony trim pieces and handles were taken home, carefully sanded and treated with 5 coats of fresh Epifanes varnish.

We also renovated the cup holder and storage box that one of the previous owners built as we really liked it's function and place as a step in front of the companionway. The box was sanded, the some of the old holes/cracks filled with a wood filler and painted with a white topcoat. The cover part we replaced with a new mahagony plywood which was treated with Epifanes varnish and new piano hinges. The box has an aluminium profile in the back and fits perfectly under the companionway ledge which holds it in place. It has two storage compartments, drained on the bottom and four cup holders (two smaller and two larges ones).

In the had we manufactured a new bulkhead cover piece from mahagony plywood as the previous one had an ugly cut in it due to the old Silva instrument cables. Now that those instruments are gone, it deserved a new cover. The plywood was painted with Cuprinol √Ądellasyr in mahagony color to get a darker color that matches the existing interior better (the same I used for the plywood in the electrical panel) and several layers of Epifanes varnish.

This project will be continued with the outer trim pieces of the companionway hatch and the foldable cockpit table.