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New solar panels

We installed and connected the new solar panels last week. The system was expanded from 80 to 230W. Now we have a 50W panel before the windshield and two 90W panels on the pushpit held in place by NOA fittings

Below the port side panel an Ankarolina (anchor rope roller) is going to be fitted, while under the starboard side panel the LifeSaver inflatable buoy got it's place.

The panels are wired in parallell with 6mm2 solar wires all the way till the busbars. They go through deck via Scanstrut waterproof vertical seals and connected to the panels by MC4 connectors.

The wires coming from the panels are fused and connected to the newly added BEP Insulated distribution studs. We also upgraded the charge controller from 10 to 20A. The new MPPT controller is from Solarmare and has a display too. It got it's place in the "engine room", above the diesel tank, next to all the other electronics.