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S/Y Scarlett

Should we give her a new name? We were discussing this and looking for a better name for almost a year.

When the transom and red-stripe renovation was close to be finished we were pressed to make a decision on what sticker to order. We're after a feminine name that's easy to pronounce, has a good sounding and some more meaning for us. There were several contestants, so the family had to vote.

Our choice was inspired by the character of Katie Scarlett O'Hara from the book/movie Gone with the Wind. We can relate to the character and name because Katie is my wife's first name, however we thought that Scarlett is the perfect fit.

Scarlett rhymes with the first three letters of Scanmar, is associated with red that symbolizes courage, passion, force, joy and heat and which is often considered the color of Scanmar boats.

We're not superstitious but we took the name change somewhat seriously and followed the customs on the ceremony of the name change because we like the tradition. 

The references to her old name has been removed and it was written on a stone with charcoal and given to Poseidon to purge it from his records. A bottle of good Champagne was also offered to the gods of the sea and the winds to accept the new name.