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New bowsprit installed

Last weekend we finally installed our new bowsprit. It's the MultiMarine / Ocean Comfort model with an anchor roller, made from 32mm AISI316 stainless steel and teak and measures 115x52cm. 

The reason we choose this particular type is that we wanted a bowsprit to be able to carry our new Delta anchor (after we finish the anchor windlass installation) and provide an attachment for the tack of a gennaker a bit further ahead of the bow. Some added benefits are that it's possible to add a ladder to it to help with onboarding from rocky shores and sit out there and enjoy the ride when the weather is nice. 

The other alternative on the market would have been a similar model from B├ątsystem, which is a bit more sturdy but costs more than double.

The installation wasn't particularly tricky, although there we absolutely no instructions in the box and unfortunately the kit was lacking some nuts and backing plates so we had to run to a hardware store to get them.

We used cargo belts from the bow pulpit to hang up and position the new bowsprit frame and mark the attachment points. Luckily the frame fits the Scanmar 35 without the need to cut the pipes or modify anything. We attached the side consoles with screws and some Sikaflex 291i.

Then we made a cardboard template to be used for cutting the teak. The whole installation took about a day for us, but most of the time was spent taking careful measurements several times and gathering enough courage to drill holes and cut the wood.

We're pretty satisfied with the end result. Now we can start working on redesigning the anchor locker and fitting in a windlass.