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Rigging updates Part 2

This year we continued replacing the rigging with new upper and lower shrouds. The lower shrouds (10mm 19 threaded wire) were made 6cm shorter than before to compensate for the larger new Seldén turnbuckles. The upper shrouds (8mm 19 threaded wire) stayed the same length.

Unfortunately the documentation on the Scanmar 35 rigging is nowhere to be found, so we had no reference. In theory the Scanmar 33 and 35 were pretty similar in terms of rigging, but there are also differences like the mast is Isomat NG-51 on the 35 and NG-46 on the 33/345, which means slightly different dimensions. According to the SC33 rigging description, it had 7mm for the upper and 8mm for the lower shrouds. Our old shrouds however were thicker and the rigging company suggested keeping that size, so we decided to order the new identical to the old.

The only issue was that the T terminals of the 8mm upper shrouds are larger than the socket on the mast (by 1mm), so it didn't fit. Old on top, new on the bottom:


I double checked it with the manufacturer and they claimed that they used the smallest T terminal that was available for this wire size. The solution they suggested was to sand down 1mm off the T terminals to make them fit. It was a rather easy task with an angle grinder with a sanding disk attachment, then by hand with some finer grid sandpaper, to give it a nice finish. By looking at the old shrouds, I'm pretty sure it was done on those too. The new T terminals sanded to fit:


Now we have the standing rigging (shrouds, forestay, backstay, turnbuckles, load bearing block on the backstay) and most of the running rigging replaced.