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The crew

The S/Y Scarlett crew is me Tibor, my wife Katalin, and our children, Marta and Tibor Jr.
We're a Hungarian family living in Sweden.

Hungary is a landlocked country and sailing is not something an ordinary person would normally consider pursuing. It mostly means the lake Balaton or an expensive hobby of the rich in the Mediterranean.

It never occured to me that sailing would be of an interest, until I got inspired by a Hungarian sailor, Áron Méder, who sailed around the world solo in his small 19ft boat, Carina, on a budget.

When we moved to Sweden, it came as a surprise how much water surrounds us and that having a boat here is not that much of a luxury. Sweden has one of the highest number of boats per capita in the world. 

I went for a dinghy sailing course, then we took the courage and rented an Albin Express (a 26-foot sailboat with an outboard) for a long weekend and started exploring the archipelago around Stockholm. It was love at first sight.

We always loved to be close to nature, striving for self-sufficiency, and liked the idea to gather memories and experiences instead of stuff. All these things came together in being out on the water.

I took a practical course and shortly we bought our first boat and after a few years upgraded to the current boat and started our long journey of learning everything about boat maintenance, sailing, and being afloat.


Harald said…
Hallo Tibor,
We are just New owners of a Scanmar 35 and it is very interesting to read your blog. Do you made any progress of installing an electrical windless?
In the next couple of months we will replace the stays and as well the saildrive sealing.
Afterwards we will tidy up the ship.
Tibor said…
Hi Harald,
Congratulations for your new boat! Which hull number is yours?
We decided to postpone the anchor windlass installation till the next season, haven't really figured out the arrangement yet and the autopilot installation was a big project this year. I had the idea to place the windlass in the anchor locker on a shelf, but not sure yet if it would work out well.
This summer we pulled up the anchor (10Kg) by hand and with the bow roller on the bowsprit it wasn't that hard or messy, so for now it is fine.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tibor,
Thanks for your reply. Our Boot has the hull no.84.
We will let you know which way for an installation e will choose. As far as I know our anchor weigh 16kg and the chain is 10mm, so it will be abit harder to pull it up
Harald said…
Hallo Tibor,
Do you have an advice where to buy the Rubber sealing (cuff) between Mast and Deck? The Mast seems to be from Isomat?
An idea from you would be a great help.
Best regards
Tibor said…
Hi Harald,
We haven't replaced ours yet, but there are universal ones and also specifically for isomat masts. Worth to check double check the sizes. This shop in Sweden sells many types:
Anonymous said…
Hi Tibor, your recommendation was successful. We found the spare part at Benns