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Project list

This is a list of the boat projects we're planning to complete a given year. Big projects may be carried over to the next year.


  • New Sprayhood (?)
  • Light wind sail (?)
  • Check chainplates
  • Replace forestay screws/nuts
  • Replace leaking raw water tap
  • Minor aesthetic repairs in the cockpit and engine room
  • New carpets




  • Bilge and keel reinforcement (done)
    Install new keel nut backing plates (done)
    Reinforce the bilge with new structural members (done)
    Re-bond the floor beams to the hull (done)
    Fair/paint the bilge (done)
  • Finish the big electrical refit project (done)
    Upgrade the generator on the engine (done)
    Remove the old TWC regulator (done)
    Move the positive busbar to the other side of the bulkhead (done)
    Battery box and engine battery isolation switch (done)
    Replace the wiring to the DC panel (done)
    New DC panel (done)